"Thanks" Where "Thanks" Belongs

To quote one of my favorite artists, Dan McCaw, "Art is a collaboration between the heart and mind in an effort to expose a piece of the artist's soul." I'm not sure about all of that but somewhere between my head and my hand is a place that loves to paint, my heart. I have to give the glory to my Lord, Jesus Christ, and thanks to Him for the ability He's given me, to Nick for his encouragement, to Dan McCaw for his inspiration and my mom, Peggy Pettit, who thinks I can do anything (gotta love those moms!). But, let's leave the exposed soul to the Master, shall we?
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Tonya at the Piano

This is Tonya Scott. I met Tonya at the piano stage on a ship going through the Panama Canal. Very talented and energetic young lady!

Amsterdam Waterfront

Thank you, Duncan Art Guild, for People's Choice Award!

Tonya Scott Live

A short time back, Nick and I had the opportunity to cruise through the Panama Canal. While on this 15 day trip I had the pleasure of listening to this beautiful young artist. She stole our hearts and I had to paint her at the piano.

Koi and Lillies

                Trying something different for a change.

Sofie, the granddog.

Our children have a dog...a 60 pound Bulldog named Sofie...she's funny, fat and very loveable!

New Mexico Plein Air Painting

This is a feeble attempt to plein air paint in Taos, New Mexico during a trip there with
3 of my paint buddies.  You have to paint fast and furious to beat the changing light of the
New Mexico sun.